Our Dear Clients Say

We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Edith Wales
32 Shepard Streey Cambridge, MA 02138

08/22/2017 — Edith Wales "It was fantastic! Lucia is extremely professional and motivated, and takes pride in her work. When I walked in after work, everything felt so clean and fresh, and yet nothing was out of place so that it was hard to believe anyone had been her. Lucia and her co-worker did not miss anything. She managed to get to high shelves that hadn't seen a dust cloth in years and that I had completely forgotten about. The place was spotless! And it has stayed clean throughout the week as opposed to some services. I have used in the past who managed to make my home feel clean at first, but not the day after. Lucia is lovely and pleasant to work with and obviously takes great care to provide absolutely outstanding service. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Description of work: My condo was in need of a thorough cleaning. I had been doing little bits here and there, but that wasn't enough and I was beginning to despair because I like my house to feel clean but never seem to have the time to do the job the way it should be done. Everything, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and large foyer, needed cleaning. I read the reviews of Lucia's company and called her immediately - and she returned my call and came for a walk through within one day.


Karim Lakhani
Eire St Cambridge, MA 02145

"Always goes well. Very meticulous and thorough -
very fair service pricing. Would strongly recommend".

Description of work:
Lucia and her team have cleaned our home weekly for many years.


Caroline Ruscak
60 Washington Ave. Burlington, MA 01803

"It was like I died and went to heaven. I instantly liked Lucia and she had two great helpers. They cleaned non- stop for about two hours, during which time I was also cleaning/organizing other rooms. My house looks like a palace and smells like a flower garden, just in time for my daughter's 3rd birthday party this weekend. I could never have done it alone. I can't wait for them to come back next week!" Description of work: I needed two bathrooms cleaned, one deep cleaned, and the entire first floor swept, dusted, mopped floor to ceiling.


59 SurreyStreet Medford, MA 02155

if The team was amazing. Lucia provided me a 1-hour window when the team would arrive, and they got here on time. Each person's work was checked by another team member so that no spots were missed. Full job took 2.5 hours with a 4-person team. Description of work: Before the service was provided, Lucia came over to provide a quote and ensure that everything I wanted would be taken care of. Cleaned 2,300 sq. ft. house, top to bottom. All surfaces, appliances, baseboards, doors, floors cleaned thoroughly. Individually dusted each slat on blinds. Cleaned staircases and banisters.


Stephanie Costa
24 Peterborough Street
Boston, MA 02215

She consistently does an excellent job. Also - she is detail oriented and gets to the places I never do. My Mother has a great expression "cleaning in the round" - it means cleaning that basically miss corners and just glaze over surfaces - I can do that (admittedly poorly) myself. Lucia does not do this - she gets to all the areas, and I'm confident that if she ever were to miss one and I pointed it out, it will never be missed again (highly unlikely - she has a very good eye :-))


Martha Crawford-Heitzmann
441 Franklin St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Martha Crawford-Heitzmann "It has been a pleasure dealing with Lucia's Green Cleaning. The owners and the cleaners are all very professional and honest and kind. They have cleaned my house twice, so far, and will continue, every-other week. They do an excellent job, are quick and efficient, and are a pleasure to have around. A+ rating! Description of work: Cleaning of four-bedroom house.